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External Audit Service

External Audit Service “We are very pleased to offer you audit services” Processes, and actions of our professional staff to express our opinion on the financial statements of our customers in accordance with accepted and accepted auditing standards. Furthermore, the audit work is designed to advise business owners and managers to make their decisions and […]
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Internal Audit Service

Internal Audit Service Internal audit is a necessary procedure to ensure the proper functioning of the work according to the objectives set within the legal limits and to ensure that the employees and managers perform their duties within the limits allowed, and as dictated by the company’s bylaws. On the other hand, the process review […]
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Preparation of internal corporate policies

Human resources policies and procedures Training policies and procedures Financial policies and procedures Procurement policies and procedures Warehouse and warehouse policies and procedures Operating and Maintenance Policies and Procedures Administrative services policies and procedures Investment policies and procedures IT policies and procedures Public relations policies and procedures
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