Internal Audit Service

Internal Audit Service

Internal audit is a necessary procedure to ensure the proper functioning of the work according to the objectives set within the legal limits and to ensure that the employees and managers perform their duties within the limits allowed, and as dictated by the company’s bylaws.

On the other hand, the process review should be followed by institutions and companies that are required to audit their accounts prior to the arrival of the external auditors, as the internal audit process will help to detect any deficiencies in the internal control system or any accounting problems that might hamper the external audit process.

Our Working Group includes individuals who specialize in:
• Design of internal control systems for companies and institutions.
• Prepare the internal audit guide, plans and programs.
• Study and evaluation of internal control system for improvement
• Provide relevant departments in companies with monthly reports or, if necessary, if necessary, supported by all necessary documentation.
• Study the accounting and financial system in order to improve and develop the quality and effectiveness of accounting and financial reports and work on timely arrival of the company officials.
• Develop what the company may need regulations and regulations and a policy and administrative policy guide.

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