Financial Advisory Service

Financial Advisory Service

In an increasingly complex world, we help complex systems to work, adapt and evolve so that they can benefit societies  whether they are financial markets, tax systems, or economic systems in which businesses exist  which leads to the need for companies and institutions to keep up with these rapid and scientifically , Enabling these companies to achieve competition and the ability to remain in the market and this calls for the need for financial advice in various aspects of financial work.

And help companies to overcome the financial problems that can be exposed by providing solutions to those problems, and after the work of specialized studies in this regard and analysis of financial statements of the company or institution, and evaluate the system of work in various sectors of the company, and how to manage resources at all levels, Which helps to identify the deficiencies in the system of work and to develop appropriate ways to deal with them.

The financial advisory service is focused on providing integrated solutions to maximize the company’s resources.
• Study and analyze the financial situation of companies and prepare recommendations regarding the results of the study and analysis and propose solutions and alternatives.
• Evaluating alternatives and financial opportunities to develop the company’s business activity according to strategic objectives.
• Assisting institutions and companies in reviewing and evaluating loans and commitments and proposing appropriate conditions for the client’s position.

• Representing clients “individuals and companies” in negotiations and discussions with banks and financial institutions.
• Preparing financial and technical studies on investment opportunities and securing partners or investors.
• Financial analysis of the financial centers of the company (client) and provide all tips for financial management.
• Assist in the management of financial crises and the development of programs and plans to manage these problems and crises.
• Develop plans to manage problems and financial crises.
• Schedule debts and commitments to ensure the interests of the client and achieve the best results.

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