Financial consultation service

In an increasingly complex world , we provide an assistance to the complicated systems to be adapted and improved to work suitably, as to benefit societies with its capital markets, tax systems and business-based economic systems, which leading to the need for institutions and companies, to try to keep pace with these rapid developments in a scientific and legalized manner, and enabling these companies to achieve the competition and to be able to remain in the markets, which requires the need for financial consultations in various aspects of financial work.


Financial consultation service is focused on providing integrated solutions to make the most of the company’s resources, including:

  • tudying and analyzing the financial situation of companies, preparing recommendations related to the results of the study and analysis, and proposing solutions and alternatives.
  • Evaluating alternatives and financial opportunities to develop the company’s business activity in accordance with the strategic objectives.
  • Assisting institutions and companies to review and evaluate loans and obligations, and to propose appropriate conditions for the client’s situation.
  • Representing clients as “individuals or companies” through negotiations and discussions with banks and financial institutions.
  • Preparation of financial and technical studies on investment opportunities and arrange insurances for partners or investors.
  • Financial analysis of the company’s financial positions (client) and provide all advices to financial management.
  • Assistance to manage financial crises.

Develop plans to manage financial problems and crises.

  • Scheduling debts and obligations to ensure the client’s interests and achieve the best results.