Design of administrative systems

Design of administrative systems


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Design of administrative systems


Ifw offers the design of the administrative systems of the establishments of the various activities, through the development of strategies and the best management systems on the world stage by a selection of administrative advisers, as well as assess the situation of companies and analyze the status quo and provide the best plans and solutions to improve the administrative level of enterprises and companies of all types, whether industrial, commercial or service Or whatever its specialty so that we provide them with the following services:
• Preparation of administrative structures, job descriptions and integrated work regulations
• Planning management strategies for new companies and enterprises and reviewing, modifying and updating existing strategies
• Reviewing the systems of the establishments, updating and developing the information technology systems and designing modern administrative information systems on the computer

Ifw consultants discuss the client in order to identify and assess their needs by filling out questionnaires and then finding out what these needs are and therefore we offer our suggestions and administrative systems that we need, and then we design these systems and evidence from the practical reality and in a manner that guarantees the best way of performance. In the case of customer management systems, we review, evaluate and analyze them in order to know the correct aspects and faults in them so that the customer can benefit from them and avoid any damage that may result.
• Solving administrative problems by following the modern scientific method

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