Book-keeping and financial reporting services

We provide accounting, book-keeping and financial reporting services for institutions and small and Mid-sized companies, that do not require to hire an accountant according to the scale of their operations.

We also have a qualified and trained team of professional and skilled accountants, so when you deal with us as an external source or service provider to carry out your accounting work, you will get many benefits including:

1- Accuracy of financial transactions in terms of inputs and outputs.

2- Methodologies and standards of sound accounting.

3- Preparing accurate and comprehensive accounting reports.

4- Reducing costs of human resources, as there is no fixed salary, pay of annual leave, bonuses and insurance cost for employees.

5- Not to worry about employee vacation, sick leave or training.

6- Using time more effectively to manage your core business.

Our core work is focused on:

1- Preparing and designing financial and accounting systems.

2- Designing set of books and chart of accounts.

3- Preparing the documentary cycle and a copy of the various forms in line with the internal control system.

4- Bookkeeping and preparation of daily entries in accordance with local laws.

5- Wages and salaries services (inventory and classification of employee data, establishing of a comprehensive database, preparing reports on total salaries, benefits, allowances, taxes, net amounts due to employees, calculating end-of-service benefits and vacation salaries, … etc.).

6- Preparing financial statements for all corporate activities (service, industrial, commercial, craft and agricultural, professional, humanitarian or international organizations).

7- Preparing estimated budgets for all corporate activities (service, industrial, commercial, craft, agricultural).

8- Preparing electronic systems in cooperation with companies specialized in designing systems (accounting, stores, wages, salaries, sales, and purchases) and others.

9- Providing scientifically and operationally qualified, experienced and cost-effective human resources to enable the application of the system