Corporate Registration Service

Corporate Registration Service:


We aim to satisfy the client and the continuity of the relationship as a partner in success in accordance with laws, regulations and legislation

Why corporate registration services?
This service includes the registration of the various commercial corporations that are commensurate with the nature of the project in the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Trade by performing all the legal procedures required for establishing legal personality of the company, specifying its capital, governing body, and the person authorized to do so, manner in which decisions are taken, statement of the rights and obligations of partners, writing of board meeting, etc.

– Obtaining licenses and approvals from the competent official authorities, required for establishing the investment project, submitting all the necessary documents and obtaining final approvals to commence the completion of the investment project without hindrance or delay.
– Representing of investors and companies before the courts and official bodies: We are fully prepared to represent businessmen and corporations before the courts in any proceedings brought against them, in order to claim their rights or any proceedings brought against them by others in order to defend them before the civil and administrative courts, and to represent them before the various official bodies with regard to any actions required for the investment to be established, sustained or maintained.
– Contract services: through this section we provide the service for writing all types of legal contracts required by the investment project, such as public contracts required by the project or contracts with other companies or state institutions, as well as import, export, supply contracts and others, in Arabic or English. We also provide the service of auditing, revising contracts, indicating its weaknesses and the principles of appropriate legal drafting.
We also provide the service of reviewing and revising contracts, indicating weaknesses in them, and legal drafting principles

– All consultations for public associations and board of directors, preparing and approving them by the competent authorities.
– Providing all evaluation and liquidation services for corporate assets (as an expert) and preparing all reports thereon.
– Other legal consultation services.

We don’t pretend to be perfect, but we’re trying to do the best.