Tax consultations

Tax consultations:

Given the importance of tax services and consulting, we provide all our clients with outstanding tax services and consulting in all areas of taxation, and these services are provided by experts of the company specialized in tax affairs.
The management of the firm IFW also makes sure that clients are informed of any new legislation or tax instructions that can be use, and avoiding any fines or additional taxes as a result of the lack of timely knowledge of these new tax legislation or instructions.

Our tax services include:
• Preparation and adoption of tax return in accordance with the requirements of Act No. 7 of 2010, and its implementing regulations and the latest amendments.
• Follow-up on tax adjustments and returns with the Tax Authority.
• Representing you before the courts and preparing the writ of grievance in tax disputes.
• Representing the firm in the tax examination and manage it efficiently.
• We audit the monthly salaries, the calculation of the salaries tax and its provision for the monthly payment of tax due and social security.
• Collection of the firm tax certificate and the person’s salary certificate.