Management consulting service


Management consulting service:

Administrative consultants at IFW Company provide administrative consultations to companies and institutions in the areas of administrative regulation and assist them to establish the organizational chart, employees structure, preparation of internal and administrative regulations of the companies and institutions in accordance with the latest international standards.

As it’s known that organizing of internal work in the form of specific policies and clear executive procedures is one of the most important steps of company’s success, and without good preparation of internal work policies, companies will suffer a lot from internal conflicts, overlapping of specialties and inability to determine responsibilities of each individual within the company. Therefore, starting to prepare internal policies for companies is the most important step towards professional work, such as:
1- Policies and procedures of Human Resources.
2- Policies and procedures of career performance assessment.
3- Training policies and procedures.
4- Financial Policies and procedures.
5- Policies and procedures of procurement and contracts.
6- Policies and procedures of warehouses and stores.
7- Policies and procedures of operating and maintenance.
8- Policies and procedures for administrative services.
9- Investment policies and procedures.
10- Policies and procedures of IT.
11- Policies and procedures of public relations.

Some may wonder why we are wasting our time preparing policies and procedures.
The preparation of administrative policies and procedures would allow companies a number of important advantages, such as reducing time and wasted costs of administrative work, reduce occurring and repeating of errors and ensuring consistency and professionalism of work performed by employees.

Would your company need a service of internal policies preparation?
You can make an assessment of the service you need for internal policy preparation if you face one of the following positions:
1- Work cannot be achieved individually, as it is highly influenced by executor’s character.
2- Waste of time and making an effort on work that’s already been done.
3- Randomness in carrying out of works and lack of coordination.
4- Repeated customers’ complaints about services and products.
5- Lack of a uniform mechanism for recruitment, training, termination of service and others.
6- Low morale of employees and high turnover rate.