Feasibility study

Feasibility study:

We prepare economic feasibility studies for small, medium and large projects in accordance with the modern scientific methods used, and based on the market study, available resources, and any developments that may occur on the market in the near and far future, and anticipate the profitability of the project under the worst conditions, which gives a clear picture to investors including The profits and financial benefits resulting from investing in such projects will be in the future.

The importance of the feasibility study stems from:

1- Economic feasibility studies are considered one of the most important tools used by the economic decision maker at the level of the private project and at the national level.
2- The economic feasibility study presents a complete system of project data, and analyzes them in a way that helps the investor to make the appropriate investment decision.
3- The economic feasibility study shows the best way to operate in the light of investments and the market.
4- The feasibility study shows the investments required for the project, as well as the investment return that the project can achieve in light of studied opportunities that largely determine the degree of risk in the investment.
5- Feasibility studies help in reaching a decision about investment or not, as it requires a quantity of information and data and a scientific method to deal with and analyze it.
6- Thinking of different methods and alternatives, comparing projects and adopting the optimum in terms of production capacity, technical means, and quality of employment.
7- The financial study enables knowing the expected returns, and the period of time during which the project can recover the invested capital.
8- The study helps in developing plans and programs for the stages of preparation, implementation, and follow-up. It also helps in preparing programs for providing equipment, machinery, buildings, employment, training, and production planning.
9- The provision of financial resources is one of the most important issues to ensure the establishment and success of the project and the study helps the investor in knowing the project’s needs for financial resources, and their timing.
10- The feasibility study makes the investment decision-making process an integrated process, and takes into account all the factors that can affect the performance of the project, making the calculation of the expected risks an accurate process with the least possible degree of uncertainty.

One of the most important types of economic feasibility studies:

1- Including what is completely related to the market to determine the type of successful investment in that country or place.
2- Including what is related to defining a specific sector that the investor wants to enter.
3- Including what is related to the evaluation of a specific project, i.e. an existing project.
4- Including those related to financial studies (such as stocks and bonds).