Legal consulting service

Legal consulting service:

We believe that any successful investment project must be based on a set of basic criteria that are essential for a sound start to ensure continuity and progress towards achieving its legitimate development and profit objectives. The legal aspect is one of the most fundamental criteria indispensable for a typical existing investment project On a solid basis consistent with the laws of the state and provide the appropriate climate for the investor to conduct business away from irregularities and abuses that may adversely affect the future of the investment project as a whole, from this point we have the honor to offer to investors and businessmen Libyan and foreign full Legal services needed by any investment project to be created within the Libyan state.

– Legal advice:
This service includes the provision of legal advice required by the investor in the field of investment and business through his knowledge of all the legal aspects regulating the investment and benefits enjoyed by the investor from tax and customs exemptions, etc., the legal requirements to start the investment project and the mechanism to start implementing the idea of ​​the project and taxes and fees imposed on the stages And provide all legal advice needed by the investor to be able to see all the legal aspects of his investment.

– Registration of companies:
This service includes the registration of various commercial companies that are suitable to the nature of the project in the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Commerce by carrying out all the legal procedures required to establish the legal personality of the company and determine its capital and its management body and the authorized person and how to take decisions therein, the statement of the rights of partners and their obligations, And others.
– Obtaining licenses and approvals from the competent official authorities required by the investment project and submitting all necessary papers, and obtaining the final approvals to start the completion of the investment project without hindrance or delay.

– Representing investors and companies before the judiciary and official bodies:
We are fully prepared to represent the businessmen and companies before the judiciary in any cases that are set up to claim their rights or any proceedings against them from third parties to defend them before the civil and administrative courts, and their representation before the various official bodies in respect of any actions required by the investment or continuation or maintenance.

– Contract Services We provide, through this item, the service of writing legal contracts of all types required by the investment project, such as contracts with the public hands required by the project or contracts with other companies or with state institutions as well as import, export, supply and other contracts in both Arabic and English. We also provide contract review and revision services, identify weaknesses and appropriate legal drafting assets.
– Provide all consultations for the General Assemblies and the Board of Directors and prepare them and their approval by the competent authorities.

– Providing all evaluation services for corporate assets and liquidation ((as an expert appraiser)) and preparing all reports related to it.

– Other legal consulting services.